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Star Wars: Force for Change - An Update from JJ Abrams

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get to know me meme: [7/5] favorite movies » star wars episodes IV-VI

↳ The Force will be with you, always.

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This     is     master    Obi-wan Kenobi.❞

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Vader saw his son crying, and knew it must have been at the horror of the face the boy beheld. It intensified, momentarily, Vader’s own sense of anguish—to his crimes, now, he added guilt at the imagined repugnance of his appearance. But then this brought him to mind of the way he used to look—striking, and grand, with a wry tilt to his brow that hinted of invincibility and took in all of life with a wink. Yes, that was how he’d looked once.

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As Luke gets stronger in the Force, Obi-Wan becomes more material to him. [Return of the Jedi] is the clearest we’ve ever seen a Force ghost. In A New Hope, he was just a voice. In the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back, […] you could barely see him. At the end of The Empire Strikes Back, you saw him a lot more clearer. And [in Return of the Jedi], we see him clearer still. And that, I believe, is because Luke, his ability to perceive these things is increasing. He can now see these things. He can feel these things. He’s stronger in the Force. - Sam Witwer (Rebel Force Radio Film Commentary for Return of the Jedi)

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star wars: the clone wars
S01E01 - “Ambush” 

A galaxy divided by war! Peaceful worlds must choose sides or face the threat of invasion. Republic and Separatist armies vie for the allegiance of neutral planets.
Desperate to build a Republic supply base on the system of Toydaria, Jedi Master Yoda travels to secret negotiations on a remote neutral moon….

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★ star wars meme | 4/10 characters: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

"I’m not the Jedi I should be. I want more. And I know I shouldn’t."
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Turn Down For Whom?

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star wars appreciation week | day seven: free day

 son from star wars: the clone wars because i love him a lot.

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favorite character meme → seven scenes [1/7]

leia is captured by the empire

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I happen to like nice men.

I’m a nice man.

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